Our Team

[tek_reviewcarousel rwp_autoplay=”auto_on” rwp_autoplay_speed=”5000″ rwp_stoponhover=”hover_on”][tek_reviewcarousel_single rw_author_name=”Anil Bavishetty” rw_author_desc=”Founder – Executive Director” rw_review_title=”Founder – Executive Director” rw_review_message=”A technologist whose passion is to build a Home Robot which helps the elderly and
children in their daily lives. He has tons of experience in the field of IoT, Fintech, Digital Wallet Mobility , Automation, ERP Systems and multi-screen solutions spanned in 15 years of his career.” rw_show_review_rating=”hide_stars”][tek_reviewcarousel_single rw_author_name=”Jagan Kalluri” rw_author_desc=”Co-Founder & Managing Director” rw_review_message=”He is a technology enthusiast, entrepreneur and Co-Founder, backed with 15 years of technology exposure and 10 years of entrepreneurship. A serial entrepreneur ventured in to FMCG, training, IT and IoT. He defines strategic road-map providing higher visibility to organisation with his experience.” rw_show_review_rating=”hide_stars”][tek_reviewcarousel_single rw_author_name=”Giri Kottam” rw_author_desc=”Co-Founder & Director” rw_review_message=”Senior 20 years of rich experience in Sales, marketing and finance. Pragmatic thinker and great critic within the organisation in setting things in right perspective. He is well known in FMCG circle for his strategical approach and delivery.” rw_show_review_rating=”hide_stars”][tek_reviewcarousel_single rw_author_name=”Madhu Yakasiri” rw_author_desc=”Director (R&D)” rw_review_message=”An avid technologist and research kid with over 35 years of experience in electronics. His approach to develop solutions would be making things simpler, robust and cost effective. He comes with a vast experience of bringing up the electronics & electrical hardware design and production.” rw_show_review_rating=”hide_stars”][/tek_reviewcarousel]

Our Advisory Board

[tek_iconbox title=”Mr B Anantha Bhat” box_content_type=”simple_text” text_box=”Founder & Managing Director of Chowki Services , a not for profit initiative from 2001 & formal company from Jan 2012,. (http://www.chowki.co.in). Its mission is to increase the activities between Companies and schools/colleges. ” icon_type=”icon_browser” icon_style=”icon_default” icon_position=”icon_top” custom_link=”#” background_type=”none” css_animation=”kd-animated zoomIn” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-user”][/tek_iconbox]
[tek_iconbox title=”Mrs Sujatha Sherma” box_content_type=”simple_text” text_box=”Science graduate from Delhi University, with a Masters Certification in Project Management, from LPC and Stevens Institute of Technology, PGDM, from ITM and have over 28 years of experience in the Telecom sector. ” icon_type=”icon_browser” icon_style=”icon_default” icon_position=”icon_top” custom_link=”#” background_type=”none” css_animation=”kd-animated zoomIn” ib_animation_delay=”200″ icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-user”][/tek_iconbox]